The Path of Most Resistance

from by Open Fire!

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onward & upward
allow me to introduce myself as a broken man,
left at the end of Ivalice by every love.
a sob story but no different, a broken record still spinning
so this is where I do a little song and dance for you
but I'm ashamed to call myself my fathers son,
for this son is neither boy nor man
and I find myself falling behind, time just slips away
from minutes to hours to days. days better spent not alone.
will I sit here until skin falls from bone?
this is the path of most resistance
we will always walk the hardest road
never compromise,
always us against the world
I don't believe this will amount to anything
I don't believe this means anything to anyone but me
one day I've got to realize that these words and chords
wont amount to a fucking thing.
one day I've gotta tell my father that I cant sing.
but my last scream will be spent with my middle finger
to the fucking sky
open fire on everything you love
we never gave a shit because we don't give a fuck (about you)
so fuck you and fuck everything you ever stood for
fuck you forever

As some of you know, in mid 2009, OF! really fell apart. At one point I think it was only me left in the band. But after figuring things out with Fisch and Chug, we had to find a new rhythm section. I had written an album with Wilson and it was very dark and not very positive. Nothing in OF! has ever been all that positive...but when we started putting the pieces back together we realized that even though things never work out the way we plan, and that we always go the hard way, no matter what, we don't compromise. We have pushed forward WITH our negativity. And through that, I have found a sort of direction and positivity - in the sense that as long as we stick to what we started the band for in the first place (the first lyric and mantra we ever wrote was "Open fire on everything you love" before we even had the band name), we will always persevere and progress. Onward & Upward. The song was supposed to initially only be about 1:30, but we wanted to bring the intro back around so it didn't feel like such a throw away riff, and the mid-tempo two-step part came about from some last minute ideas, so the song wound up longer than intended, but it doesn't feel wasted. A good paced opening track.


from I Am the Curse, released August 25, 2012



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Open Fire! Tacoma, Washington

melodic hardcore band from Tacoma, WA. 2005-2012

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