I Have Wasted Every Word (ft. Vigil TGI)

from by Open Fire!

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Nothing ever changes.
Life wears us down facing what we've become.
And when these walls we've built crumble to the ground,
We watched our world fall apart. We watched our lives fade away.
I still pity your hopeful eyes; yet I reject every push ahead
for i know this is true collapse.
I've finally listened; as I'm redefining bitter, cold and heartless every day.
and look at you, still on your knees.
So say goodbye to the memories I had.
Tonight you'll eat every wasted word.
This time I tried to regain every foot I had.
Nothing ever changes.
Life wears us down facing what we've become.
Break these walls (down).
You spent your life spitting anything you could to charm their pretty little eyes
Let me tell you something: You haven't changed a thing.
You think your voice bouncing off the ceiling will save you?
(You're fucked)
Fuck your jaded hearts. Fuck your empty words.

As I mentioned earlier, I had written a nearly completely different record with Wilson back in 2008 and early 2009. We had already tracked the demo of Wasted Words, then the renewed version for the Slaves EP. During the Ivalice writing sessions we had written a long winded, nearly 12 minute song, that would go from there into this song, and the combo would have been "I Have Wasted Every Breath" & "I Have Wasted Every Word" with Breath ending with my initial breath in, then starting Words with "Nothing ever changes..." I'm glad we scrapped the idea because the long instrumental track wasn't nearly as good as I wanted it to be, and the idea became very contrite to me over time. Instead we just focused on solidifying the instrumentation and making it as good of a song as we could. The lead over the "Fuck your jaded hearts" part was last minute dicking around on the guitar by me, and the outro lead was a last minute thing Fisch and Ahren came up with while I was out of the studio. I came back, heard it and loved it. I feel like the lyrics to this song have always been pretty self-explanatory: if it were pinpointed at someone, it reflects on a time when I was young and coming up through the heavy music scene, there were several bands that would go from "Straight Edge" to "Christian" to "Atheist" or any other sort of flag they could wave to gain fans in an obviously poor attempt at appealing to someone. This was the rejection of that mentality, of people wasting their time and words just to be liked. Yet no matter what I say, it still happens, it still goes on and on...


from I Am the Curse, released August 25, 2012



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Open Fire! Tacoma, Washington

melodic hardcore band from Tacoma, WA. 2005-2012

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