I Despise

from by Open Fire!

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(And so the godsick are falling to their knees, begging for a rapture or at least a killer disease something to make their prophecies come the slightest bit true, oh that's right God's got it in for you. the investment bankers and cfo's are digging shelters the size of buildings cuz we've got em running...but its all for nothing.)
I despise a life held with no regard to the things we hold true.
Your life placed above others but the truth is, this place is above you.
Nothing left. Waiting to die. No fear, no pain, I can't feel anything.
I've been to the end and there is nothing waiting there for us.
No light and no love (nothing). Nothing to dream of.
"I'm a liar, a coward, and a thief" he said to the floor.
But with no light and no love, whats the point of living anymore?
Stare into the faces of all my friends. All I see are dead ends.
I despise.
For every girl I ever loved, for every friend who never gave a fuck;
For every time the government had left me there to bleed;
For every wasted year I spent praying on my knees;
Love is just a construct of the mind, a design to perpetuate
our illusions and delusions (that we are here for purpose and reason).
The truth is we will squander away all the air we were to breathe
because all that we prayed for, all that we wanted is nothing.
All that we see
All that we pray
All that we seek
All that we pray
All that we dream
All that we needis nothing.

This was the last song to be written from the album. We used a different tuning from our usual Drop B tuning on this song as well to give it a different tone and I think we achieved it. Every time I hear the intro I think of "El Mark" by Glassjaw, my favorite band. The song has a powerful beginning, a surge of beef in the middle, and ends in a softer, more reserved manner. I wrote this in December of 2009 going through a rough time in my life. I remember just laying on the floor of my apartment, next to my Christmas tree, strumming the chords to the outro over and over and over until the sun would come up. Lyrically this song was written about four times over. I was never satisfied with the wording or arrangement of lyrics until I hit the studio and finally tracked them. Even after tracking them, it took me a few weeks to get it right. This song is definitely integral of our progression of sound, so I had to keep it on the album - but because of my frustration with the lyrics, it definitely held the record up for a few extra weeks.


from I Am the Curse, released August 25, 2012



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Open Fire! Tacoma, Washington

melodic hardcore band from Tacoma, WA. 2005-2012

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