Graveyards Adrift

from by Open Fire!

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Oh I've always been drawn to the sea
as I know its the only place meant for me
Left ashore with nothing but disconnect and misanthropy
No love for any man
If it were up to me all would be washed away
Oceans rise and men will fall
oceans rise and men will fall
A sea of discourse. An ocean of mistrust.
These waves of depression turn into a tide of hatred
And I will watch the water rise.
Wash over me, pull me to sea.
And I watch the water rise.
flooding, relentless, endless
And I wont let go until you're consumed
I'll watch our bridges burn and light my path
as I bob away into the endless black
I wont stop until your sky meets my depths
until your clouds are washed away by squalls
no matter how cold, no matter how black
rise. rise. watch the water rise.
I am going under, and I'm taking you with me
I cant breathe, i am drowning
but where I'm going, I wont need air.

I wrote these lyrics on our first tour back in February of 2009. It reflects one of the first times in many years that my lyrics were not very realistic, direct, or to the point. I purposefully wrote this set of words (I had never intended them to be lyrics, but after showing them to Fisch he insisted we use them in a song) to be vague, a little more open ended and up for interpretation. To me, of course there is deeper, specific meaning to each line - representative of a destructive relationship I was in, but the words are far more open than the feelings they represented. As for the riffs, I took the same approach I had to the clean parts of Million to One. I always felt like those were some of our best riffs but we didn't really hash the ideas out properly so I used that as a base and wrote a very slow, very timidly paced riff. Fisch took a few of the ideas I had and ran with them in the verses, coming up with a stylized version, that accompanied the other guitar perfectly. Ahren actually came up with the main bass lines in the song as the original lines were pretty dull and didn't have much to them. Coupled with the grooving bass line at the end, I think we wrote a very cohesive, smart song. My favorite part of this song is the textured layers that really slam on you when the verses and choruses hit, as we purposefully reduced the panning of the guitars on this song. Typically most bands pan their guitars hard left and hard right, but as we tracked 4-6 guitars per song on this album, we had them mostly spread across the center to give a very big wall of sound crashing down around you like the waves the lyrics reference.


from I Am the Curse, released August 25, 2012



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Open Fire! Tacoma, Washington

melodic hardcore band from Tacoma, WA. 2005-2012

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