Faith​-​Healer / Death​-​Dealer

from by Open Fire!

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Is it apathy, or just an overall dis-concern for humanity that drives you?
from religious hysteria, to extremist solutions, your words
have become the false hope of a dying generation.
1.4 million since the day I heard your name
This is the height of irresponsibility and yet like sheep you flock
you invested everything (they gave you everything)
for a chance at a better life (at a better life)
and you cant even save yourself.
you cant save us all. you cant even save yourself
I'll take their lives back, I swear on my fucking grave.
for those on their journey for relief,
I have declared my foundation
I have given my life up to a better way.
I know now what I must do.
for when the most vile deception rings true,
with my foot on your throat I swear I will end you.
I wont be a slave, and to those I love:
get up off your knees, and wipe your eyes.
there is so much than what is not above
no gods, no kings, no masters, no thieves
you will never be truly alive in a life spent on your knees.
I am free.

The riffs of this song were also from 2005, like a lot of the material on this album. I remember in December 2008 as we were getting ready to start touring, we wanted to get together one more song that could really unify our sound and I knew I had just the right song. To this day its been one of our best, and well received songs. From the horrible singing on the Slaves EP version to every time we have played this song, it has become one of our banners and most important milestones. The lyrics I came up with partially back in 2005, but weren't finalized until we recorded it. At the time, a close relative of mine had been diagnosed with cancer. When asked about it, he was honest: he was afraid. Not afraid for his wife or family; he had worked hard all his life and the family would be well taken care of. But he was truly afraid of dying. His wife, however, a devout Christian, demanded that he not go the traditional route of cancer treatment (scientific, medical procedures). Instead, she told him he must seek relief from Christ. He must find a faith-healer who was in tune with her lord and savior, and could cure him of his ailment. When I heard this, I wasn't too familiar with faith-healing but I read some about it, and was blown away by how many people invest in this. And how much money! The amounts are quite shocking and appalling for something that cannot be scientifically proven to be successful, at all, even once. It sickened me that he was being forced into this. But the man loved his wife so he tried. And tried and tried. Nothing helped. His fear grew worse. His stress grew worse. He smoked more, ate worse. He wound up dying of a heart attack a couple months later. This song is for anyone who has ever had a belief system like this shoved down their throat. Reject it. Learn for yourself. Stand up and speak your mind. There is no one who can save you but yourself.


from I Am the Curse, released August 25, 2012



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Open Fire! Tacoma, Washington

melodic hardcore band from Tacoma, WA. 2005-2012

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